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A flexible real-time and post-game performance analysis iPad app with integrated Cloud analytics platform that helps you to see and understand the bigger picture of team and individual performances. Our easy-share cloud platform also extends valuable coaching engagement time and increases player performance learning through reflective practice.

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Training Courses

Informative ‘hands-on’ performance analysis courses developed by Ulster University in partnership with Performa Sports, designed to help coaches and analysts to effectively leverage sports analysis for team performance improvement and player development (including the essential small margins).

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Coaching Analysis

CAIS (Coach Analysis and Intervention System) is an iPad application that provides coaches and coach educators with real-time or post-event analysis of coaching behaviour in practice and competition to develop optimum performance environments. Developed in partnership between Loughborough University and Performa Sports, CAIS provides a valid and reliable means to identify and analyse specific coach behaviours and link these to coach talent ID, recruitment and coach education.

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First Pass

Our team of experts in performance analysis can offer tailored analysis services to sports teams. Simply upload your video to your Performa Sports online platform, and we can analyse the game for you.

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