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Coaching with Performance Analysis Modules, Apr - Jun 2017

Developed by Ulster University and Performa Sports, this short course is designed to help coaches understand the core principles of analysis, learn how to shape key performance indicators for sport and be able to effectively and efficiently leverage performance analysis as a teaching aid in the coaching process to improve performance learning.

Who is this Module for?

  • Coaches, Managers, Coach-Analysts and those interested in the area of performance improvement through analysis
  • Performance Analysts who are interested in learning more about the transitition of analysis to coaching and performance communication

What will I gain?

  • 21-days free trial of Performa Sports iPad application
  • £20 off the Level 4 CPPD course in applied performance analysis
  • Opportunity to benefit from Higher Education
  • Ulster University certification
  • Excellent understanding of Performa Sports performance analysis software
  • The knowledge to apply analysis and performance communication in coaching

Click here for further course details and dates

Written by Joe Turley


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